Human Resources and Finance

Ministry 911 offers HR consultation and a variety of services including team building and finance training.

Human Resources Consulting

There is perhaps no greater area that non-profit and church staff need an extra hand in staying on top of than HR. Laws regarding employment, interviewing, wages and salary change at a rapid pace and most churches lack the staffing to stay abreast of such issues.Ministry 911 offers consulting support for all areas of HR related to non-profits and churches.

Yearly Budgeting

We realize the importance of meeting your financial goals and managing your organizational budget.  Ministry 911 also offers expertise in the areas of yearly budgeting, extended year plans, and asset acquisition. We would love to help you balance fiscal responsibility to be great stewards of God’s provision.

Strengthen Your Team

There is no greater asset to your ministry or organization than a healthy functioning team. We at Ministry 911 want to help you develop and strengthen your team. We offer a variety of opportunities to help build, train, develop and train your team, including; team building, staff training and development, and strength finders.

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